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A Space for introverted, low energy, low confident female coaches, therapists & small business owners to improve their mental wellbeing, and save time & energy with productivity

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To The Home Of Quietly Conquer!

Welcome to the home of my little spot on the internet – I'm so glad you're here! You may be here because you're also an introvert, or you experience fatigue or lack confidence in yourself & your ability in yourself.

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A little about me…

I'm a qualified & experienced counsellor, teacher, mentor & coach. I'm mum to two grown boys (20 & 26). I live in Somerset (UK) with my partner, the boys & our dog Freddy. I've had ME/CFS since 2011 & had to leave my teaching role in 2014 when I retrained as a counsellor. I also began supporting university students as a specialist mentor in 2019 as well as becoming a certified coach.

I love supporting others who have goals to achieve but lack energy, confidence & find it too overwhelming.

I love writing & am currently working on my first non-fiction book – coming in 2024 📇🤩

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A little more about me…

As an introverted & low energy female coach I understand that it can take more effort, focus & commitment to make progress towards your goals.

I get how hard it can be & how easy it is to lose focus. I'm a recovering procrastinator with a busy mind that forgets my body can't always keep up!

Staying on top of projects has been a challenge, once a “all-night-before-the-deadline” girl – I had no choice but to learn to do things differently & pace my work & energy output.

Because of how differently I approach things I was able to finish my Masters dissertation months ahead of time!


“Lynsey is such a wonderful coach. She is very understanding & non-judgemental.”

“I felt like I was being hear & she helped me uncover limiting beliefs that were holding me back, so I can finally move forward.

I highly recommend working with Lynsey, her approach is gentle but still gets to where we need to be.”

What Do I Write About?

My writing focuses on different aspects of achieving goals when you're introverted or manage fatigue / chronic health difficulties like I do.

I discuss how to manage your time, become more productive & plan in a way that embraces & supports your current reality.

I also talk alot about mental health & wellbeing, including building habits, journaling & self care.

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