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The CBT Anxiety Journal


A 12 Week CBT Anxiety Journal with additional prompts & Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) based activities to identify & challenge those stubborn thought patterns!

As an experienced counsellor in the UK, and someone with personal experience of what life is like with anxiety, this journal is something I have wanted to create for a long time.

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I understand how limiting life with anxiety can be

The fear of trying new things. Having dreams but being too afraid of what might go wrong – so you choose to stay safe, but miss out on what could be…

Not everyone wants or can work 1-1 with a therapist. Whilst this anxiety journal isn't a replacement for therapy, it will enable you to work through some of the activities I use with my own clients. The daily reflections – morning & evening enable you to gain a crystal clear understanding of how you're feeling & why. This awareness is key in bringing the change you desire.

Meet the founder

About me - Lynsey Wall, Coach & Mentor. A headshot of Lynsey smiling. In black & white

Hi, I'm Lynsey

I’m an experienced counsellor, teacher, mentor & coach. I’m also a Mum of 2 boys (20 & 26 now). I live in Somerset (UK) with my partner & our dog Freddy. I’ve had ME/CFS since 2011 & left my teaching role in 2014 to re-train as a counsellor. I also mentor university students & became a certified coach in 2022.

Mental health has always been something that I've been interested in due to personal experiences & through my time studying how the brain works.

Working with young people made me more determined to try to do my bit in helping others manage their mental wellbeing more effectively & to find a way through difficult times.

The impact that MH issues like anxiety can have upon a person's entire life is huge, and often means that people miss out on so many things because of how they're feeling.

But there are things that we can do to improve our mental health, and finding ways to do this as affordable as possible has always been my goal!

I'm interested in working with you

My Core Values…

I truly believe that we all deserve to live the life we want. Too many of us are held back by fear & dreams stay just that – a dream. We all deserve the chance to succeed & making this as valuable but affordable as possible is one of my core values.

I truly believe in…

I truly believe in equality, acceptance & fairness. I believe that we all have the right to live authentically & have the opportunity that others can take for granted. Kindness & respect are things I hold dear to me, and spreading awareness of mental health drives my work.

My biggest lesson…

Experiencing the loss of my Dad when I was 23. As a mum of a 3yr old at the time I learned to swallow down feelings & “get on with it”. I couldn't be vulnerable – I had responsibilities, I had a job & I was studying for my degree. But by ignoring my feelings they just silently built until I began to feel anxious & worry excessively about things. Through therapy as I trained to be a counsellor myself, I understood the importance of emotional awareness & being able to feel without shame. This was honestly life changing & is what I love most about my work with others. Acknowledge all feelings – even those we find uncomfortable.

You’ve got big dreams for your business and we know it's possible to build a long-lasting legacy that Let's do this!

This CBT Anxiety Journal helps you identify those thoughts that are keeping you stuck in the cycle of anxiety. Helping you understand why you feel a certain way is key for helping you change these thoughts.

The CBT Anxiety Journal includes exercises I have used with clients and that I tap into at times when I'm feeling overly worried or anxious.

If you have any questions about the CBT Anxiety Journal, please feel free to reach out and I will happily answer any questions.

For more journals, visit the portfolio where you'll find my current offers – with more being added soon!