Worried About AI? How You Can Use AI But Stay True To Your Voice!

Have you started to use AI in your work or are you still on the fence with it?

To be honest, at first I was pretty unsure of how comfortable I felt with AI & how it could potentially change the landscape & make standing out through the written word even harder.

As someone who recently completed a Masters Degree, ethics, plagiarism & authenticity was something that was consistently instilled in our research & still forms the basis of my work – whether that’s content in a Social Media post, or an article I write online. 

It’s one of the things that slowed up my content creation – the need for it to be unique, in my own words, but also appealing to those seeing it. And at times it was hard – especially when I was completely uninspired. I have tried to batch my content, but again I don’t enjoy that process as I work better when it feels natural & I’m in flow. 

But I realised that something had to change. I became inconsistent with sharing content, my health can often dictate how much I can actually work, so there's that to deal with as well, and with a relatively new coaching business, I had a million things that needed my attention whenever I sat down to work.

I learned more about AI & a few months ago I began playing around with it a bit more. Initially this was to look for inspiration for social media post titles. To be honest, a lot of the time it wasn’t great… 

It didn’t sound like me or it was just something that I wouldn’t ever say in business or my personal life, so I didn’t use any of their suggestions. But every now & again it would show something that inspired a different train of thought. 

For example, I had a blog post ready where I talked about passive income for introverts. I popped the title into the AI page & asked for other blog titles that were similar but different content. And voila! Out of the 10 titles they suggested, there were 3 that I could definitely use & it helped me approach my next blog at a slightly different angle!

I now had a mini bank of blog titles lined up for me to write!

An image of an AI woman led down facing up with a laptop, ipad & phone spread around her.

1. Growth Potential

I watched some training in a membership I’m in that gave suggested prompts for using AI to help it personalise you & your voice a little more. 

Being in the UK it’s a bit more difficult because a lot of the time it only offers US English which can be pretty different. Not just the spellings, but the meanings & the tone in which it writes. But if you do use American English, some of the suggestions you can find may feel really similar to your own voice. 

Over time I’ve been able to use more effective prompts & it’s become a useful tool in my content creation. But that for me is all that it is – another tool. 

I still find it a little unnerving that this can be used in a way that isn’t so ethical or fair on those who put their heart & soul into their work. As with anything, there will be some who will use it in a way that’s no different to plagiarising. 

But for others, it can be an incredible writing tool that will save them time & energy – to help them get inspired, or to support them with grammar & make writing accessible to them.

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Copywriting printed on an old fashioned typewriter. You can see the curser paused underneath the word

2. Benefits For Content Creators:

I touched on this in the introduction, but AI can be a powerful writing tool for those who work with content creation. 

From helping you come up with SEO friendly blog titles & sub headings, to enticing captions for social media managers who create content every day.

As someone who manages chronic fluctuating health conditions, this would be very useful in enabling me to maintain consistency during those times when my energy is too low to work.

It’s not something that I’ve used AI for much so far, but soon I’ll be creating a bank of posts for this very reason, and I’ll probably use AI to help with ideas & inspiration. 

How you choose to use AI is always your own choice, but I do feel strongly that we should all remember that our content should be our own. 

It’s perfectly natural that writers & content creators may feel nervous about harnessing AI, but if you approach it in a way that respects authenticity, and you understand that it’s a tool to support your work, then it’s something that I definitely recommend that you should try!

The fact that you have concerns over copyright & plagiarism at all shows that you’ll use it in the way that it’s intended. Its purpose is to complement your work, not to simply replace your creativity.

3. AI Can Help With:

  • Consistency (Helping you create a bank of ideas for your content)
  • Efficiency (Speeding up the process when you sit to work & your mind goes blank!)
  • Creativity (Inspiring you with other ideas to further expand your content & work)
  • Accuracy (Improving grammar, spelling, tone – e.g. improving your writing to sound more professional etc.)

4. How To Stay True To Your Own Voice:

Ask for ideas, inspiration around your topic. Adapt your prompts where needed to help the programme understand what you’re looking for. Once you have a few ideas it’s time to put your mark on it!

Whenever you get suggestions for things like captions for your posts, use what they give you as a prompt. Rewrite their suggestion / prompt, add your own take, your thoughts & expand from the suggestion as needed. Honestly you’ll be surprised at how effective it can be, especially when your mind is blank!

Play around with AI tools & find the best prompts to use to help it sound more like you. This makes it easier to rework your thoughts, especially if your inspiration battery is flat! 

Remember who you’re talking to (your audience) & what you bring to the table in terms of experience & expertise. This can help you with keeping it your own; you take the key points from the sentences & write in your own way! It may help to think of the suggestions as bullet points or flash cards you use for revision. 

But importantly, don’t be afraid to play around with AI & to use it – it honestly is a brilliant thing, and if it can be helpful to you then go for it! I do get that worry around plagiarism, but if you use it with this intention it’s all good!

5. Spotting Concerns:

The potential for AI is huge, and it’s something that isn’t going away. As the technology advances it will be used more & more. So how can you make the best use of this tool whilst staying true to your own voice?

Remember that it’s okay to use it! I totally understand reservations about using something like this, because yes, there is potential for misuse to happen. There’s the risk that AI will be used by ‘professionals’ who don’t actually have the knowledge that they write about, because with AI, you might not need it…

But there are ways to protect yourself with this. For the most part it can be pretty obvious when you see something that is purely an AI post. The language often stands out. To mitigate this, I always do my due diligence & do my own research of a coach or other professional before working with them. 

As a therapist it does worry me at times that people without the right training, knowledge & experience can mass produce blogs & people will see this & believe that they do know their stuff. But, by always taking the time to do that little bit of research before agreeing to work with someone is key in ensuring that they are able to support you.

Final Thoughts…

Don’t be afraid to use AI to support your writing & content creation. It can be a brilliant addition to your business tools, and can save you both time & energy. 

Yes there is potential for misuse of AI tools, but that’s the same for everything. Copyright issues & plagiarism have been around since forever, and as with these issues, it can become pretty obvious when content isn't your own…

There are so many benefits of AI, including:

  • Increasing productivity
  • Increasing efficiency
  • Time saving
  • Creative processing
  • Overcoming writer's block
  • Improving literacy skills (e.g. grammar & spelling). 

Go & have a play around & see how it could potentially help you with your content creation. You can still be authentically you & use AI to improve your work!

**I would love to know how you use AI – or what worries you have around using it to aid with your own content. Share your thoughts below, or pop me an email – [email protected]

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