Learn How To Create Passive Income As An Introvert

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I’m guessing you’re here because the idea of having a passive income that once created you can pretty much switch off from, and that involves little interaction with others feels like the dream business?

I hear you – I totally understand, so here’s my overview of how you can create a passive income.

This post covers how you can tap into your unique strengths as an introvert coach / online service provider to generate a consistent passive income.

If you're seeking a manageable and sustainable way to grow your coaching or online business, protecting your energy and time, passive income could be the answer you've been looking for.

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Understanding Passive Income

What Is Passive Income?

Passive income is where you earn money from products or services that require minimal time and commitment once they have been created. For example, Done-For-You (DFY) tools for coaches that you can simply list on your website or online store and leave to sell.

Yes there will be times you need to update things, or create sales pages to promote your products, but the time and energy involved in the creation process is only needed while you create it!

As an introvert, or someone with low energy, this approach allows you to build your income without the need to constantly promote yourself or worry about growing a massive following on social media platforms. You get to work independently, focusing on projects that align with your expertise and skills.

For introverts, HSP’s people with chronic illness, this way of working can be a lifesaver. It means you too get the opportunity to establish a business and create that consistent income without compromising your health or your energy.

As someone who's both an introvert and manages chronic illness, passive or sem-passive income has been a complete game changer for me and has allowed me to grow my business without compromising my health.

Benefits of Passive Income

Money While You Sleep: Earn money even when you’re asleep! Create a steady stream of earnings for yourself without the need for constant social interaction or active involvement. Sounds heavenly for an introvert like me, in the full-on scrabble of the online marketing space…

Autonomy & Flexibility: With passive income, you get to work on your own terms and enjoy the freedom to set your own schedule. You can create a way of working that compliments your introvert nature and energy levels. Plus you get to work from the comfort of your own home.

Reduced need for social interactions: Passive income allows you to limit social interactions. It enables you to pick and choose when and how you engage with others.If being with others is an energy drainer, passive income can provide you with that freedom & choice of how you interact with others. You may opt for email correspondence if you provide a service to others and with complete control of your calendar can plan around any non-negotiables.

More time for you: With passive income streams you’ll automatically free up time because selling products or services that don’t require constant attention frees up your time. This is especially beneficial for introverts, highly sensitive people (HSPs), or those with chronic illness or fatigue. Less time on your business = more time for you! It also means you could continue to branch out and add additional income streams with the extra time.

Lower stress levels: Your stress levels can significantly decrease with passive income. Not only does it alleviate the need to constantly engage in social situations, but it also allows you to work on your own terms. The deadlines you set are your own, providing more freedom in your business and in your life. Once the initial work is done, you can free that space in your mind. More time for you means a more balanced life.

Utilise your skills: You can focus on honing your skills and removing distractions, allowing you to truly shine in your specific skill-set. If you still work as an employee, you’ll understand how difficult it can be to give a project your undivided attention.

When you focus on building your passive income, you get to focus on what you know you’re good at! With everything the more attention, you give to it, the better you become at it. This will be evident in the quality of your products and services and contribute again to your authority within your niche.

Increasing your reach: Passive income is a great way to build a thriving business and they are an additional way to bring new people into your world! Not everyone will have the time or the funds to sign up to 1-1 coaching or a membership.

The beauty of passive income products is that they can purchase your training at a reduced cost as they are essentially taking themselves through the process, but without working directly with you.

Plus, you can use your passive income products and services to showcase your 1-1 or memberships to an audience who may not have come across you on social media.

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Getting started with Passive Income:

Below are some passive income ideas that could be a great fit for introverts:


Offering services like creating website copy, email marketing sequences, or social media captions for busy business owners. These services are in great demand in the online world. These kinds of services are attractive and good sellers because they save people time & energy enabling them to focus on other aspects of their business. This then means it saves them, and probably increases their own profits!


It is very possible to create an income stream through blogging, although it may require time, commitment, and hard work to establish. Earnings can come from paid ads and promoting your online training and courses. For some bloggers it can happen relatively quickly (months) for others it can take a couple of years or more.

It takes consistency, passion, and patience! But blogging is also a great way to drive traffic to your other services, so it could potential increase your non-passive income sooner! I recommend Passive Income Pathways – a brilliant membership that will help you set up & grow your blog.

Online Course

Create your own online course(s). Develop content & pre-recorded training for your course. These can be mini trainings for less than £10 or they can be a self-paced version of a programme you deliver, costing £100’s, consisting of pre-recorded audio or video lessons and downloadable workbooks etc. These courses are uploaded into an online portal / website so that they look and feel great. The sales process is automated, meaning once your emails and onboarding tech is in place – you don’t have to do a thing!

I use an all-in-one system called Smart Growth System which has everything you need to set up & run an online business!

Write a Book

Share your knowledge and experiences through writing. Writing and self-publishing a book not only establishes your authority but also provides passive income through sales. Once you’ve written and published, you can add it to your site and socials. This will again increase your reach and enable you to reach a much wider audience.

Write an eBook

Share your skills and knowledge in a shorter eBook format, offering additional options for potential clients at a lower price point. These are great for building your authority and connecting with a wider audience. If your niche is productivity, you can do several short eBooks on different aspects of productivity – time management / procrastination / tools for productivity etc.

Create a Done-For-You (DFY) Online Store

Produce and sell DFY tools and resources or consider selling Private Label Rights (PLR) templates that allow buyers to white label and resell within copyright agreements. This could include templates, coaching resources, copywriting templates.

A little more effort needed initially for this and if you need to pop in to monitor or update items). DFY tools and resources are massively gaining in popularity, so now is a great time to get involved!

Your Secret Weapon is a brilliant PLR store. They have so many fantastic templates that you edit, personalise and resell in your online store.

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What Are You Waiting For?!

Success is more than possible for introvert coaches, even if certain aspects may be challenging. Explore alternative options if traditional methods like one-on-one work or extensive social media content feels overwhelming.

Passive income can provide the freedom and financial stability you desire. Once you're up and running you can consider using the passive income to fund a virtual assistant (VA) or social media manager, further streamlining your business operations as you grow.

With persistence and good, strategic planning,you can create a thriving business and achieve financial freedom through passive income.

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I've lived with chronic illness – ME/CFS since 2011 and since then I re-trained as a counsellor, and achieved a distinction for my MA in Counselling and Psychotherapy Practice; all while running 4 businesses! I want that for you as well & it is possible with the right support and pathway to success.

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