20 Inspiring Monthly Journal Prompts

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Are you ready to learn how you can leverage journaling in your business planning each month?

By using monthly journal prompts when you go to do your weekly / monthly planning, you can improve your motivation, productivity and mindset, which helps keep your enthusiasm, ideas and focus on point .

I speak a lot about the benefits of journaling, but usually in terms of personal growth. It's my mission to show you that monthly planning doesn't have to just be all data and revenue!

Growth is more than these figures – it's also about you, your growth, understanding what feels right, processing any lessons and creating a plan that not only helps you progress towards your goals, but is focused on how you feel and what you want to experience as well!

If you're a regular with journaling you'll know how freeing it is to get those thoughts onto paper / into your phone and out of your head!

Starting the month with clarity is a huge motivator and will make such a difference to your focus, happiness and productivity. Take a look at the monthly journaling prompts below.

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Why Monthly Reflection & Planning Matters

Effective planning is essential if you're a coach / therapist / entrepreneur. It ensures that you are clear on any goals you're working towards as well as managing your day-to-day business tasks.

Running a business usually involves several different processes, tasks and appointments so it's really easy to become overwhelmed and stressed if you don't keep on top of everything.

The chances are that you're a creative or someone who is juggling more than one project at a time. You may have a membership, and also run group coaching programmes. Or you may be selling digital products alongside your coaching or therapy work.

If you keep all of your ideas and projects in your head without noting them down in a journal or planner, the chances are you'll forget things, or fall behind on key admin tasks.

If you're neurodiverse like me, it's even more important to brain dump – because you'll probably have several projects either already on the go or a desire to start something new at least a few times a week..!

By scheduling in time each month – either at the start or the end of the month – to review, reflect and plan, you'll be able to approach things more systematically and avoid your brain overloading with 100 half started and rarely finished projects.

Regular planning also helps you to maximise your time and productivity. Whether you're a remote worker who is in complete control of your daily and weekly timetable, or you're someone who is building a business alongside other work or commitments, having time to plan will save you from wasting time thinking about what you could be doing and help you lessen the risk of becoming distracted.

Monthly planning is also great for mental health and wellbeing targets. Not only will you focus on your professional or business goals, but you can focus on what you want to achieve personally.

Using monthly journal prompts to guide your reflections can help you maintain healthy habits, a positive mindset and balanced life.

How To Review & Reflect Your Progress

If at the start of the year you mapped out your annual and quarterly goals you can refer to these each month to help you stay on target.

If you didn't do an annual plan, I would suggest that you create one now for the remainder of this year – whether you're reading this in March or November!

Doing this will give you the overall goal you're working towards and it makes it much easier to plan your days and weeks.

Using your yearly or quarterly goals, decide what you need and want to focus on over the coming month. This may be a big single project, or you may have a couple of things that you need to focus on.

Use monthly journal prompts like the ones included in this blog to review your progress so far. This helps you check that you are where you need or want to be and whether you need to make any adjustments moving forward.

Reflecting on the previous month helps you develop a deeper understanding of what is working well and what needs to be tweaked or changed completely.

These monthly sessions are a real eye opener, and I'm often surprised when I look at the things I've achieved or the learning I have taken from challenges faced. Monthly journal prompts are great for helping you think more deeply around this.

In order to keep growing and keep moving forward we need this clarity. You may have felt disconnected with your goals or your business recently. Use this time to explore where that's coming from. Do you need to do something different? Do you need extra support? Or maybe your overall goals if they're not what you want any more.

Setting Goals That Motivate You

Setting goals shouldn't just be a boring tick-box exercise. It's about checking in with yourself, your business, your goals and the current direction you're going in. That is why I love to use monthly journal prompts when I'm planning.

If you've felt like your motivation has been lacking recently, revisit those big goals – do they still excite and motivate you? Is that goal still what you want? It's so easy to just be focused on getting the work down that you don't realise it's not sitting right with you anymore.

When I set monthly goals I like to give some freedom (my brain will auto-rebel otherwise…). I set 2 main goals based on what I need to get done then with the 3rd goal I opt for something that I really want to do.

Most of the time it's relevant to what I'm working on, but feeling like I've chosen it makes it feel a little more excited about all of the goals!

It's completely up to you how you choose your goals, but if you struggle to stay motivated – maybe you could try this too!

*Another way to set goals that motivate you is to set yourself challenges. Make them fun, get some of your fellow coaches to join in. One of the memberships I'm in (*PIPs) sets amazing challenges each month which helps to focus your attention.

There's something about working alongside others (even virtually) that lights a fire in me and makes me want to get involved!

Use some of the monthly journal prompts in this post to set your intentions for the month as well. I think it's important to not just focus on work related goals, but to also think about how you want to feel and what you want to experience this month.

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20 Monthly Journal Prompts

Below are 20 monthly journal prompts to guide your thinking in the new month.

The first set of prompts focuses on your reflections of the last month. The second set focus on setting goals and intentions for the new month.

Journaling alongside planning in business is a brilliant way to ensure that what you're working on is still aligned with your bigger goals and dreams.

It can be really easy to skip this and keep going with what you've been doing – especially if it feels like it's working. But, by taking the time each month before you sit and do your business planning, you might just discover that things could be adjusted a little, or that you need to spend a little less time on one thing and more on another.

It also helps you stay focused on yourself as well as the work you're doing. I love it when I see the growth I have experienced personally – noticing the change in confidence or the slight change in attitude as I improve month on month.

It's a great confidence and motivational boost – that can benefit whether you're doing well or finding things tricky.

Monthly Journal Prompts For Reflection:

1. Reflect on your overall growth and progress. How does this line up with your bigger / long term goals?

2. Describe a goal – no matter what it was – that you achieved last month, and describe how it has impacted your confidence or self-belief.

3. Describe a lesson you learned from a recent setback or challenge, and how you can use and apply it moving forward.

4. Write about a goal or dream you've been hesitant to pursue and why. What steps can you take to overcome your hesitation?

5. List three things you’re grateful for right now and explain why.

6. Describe a moment from last month that brought you joy & excitement.

7. What worked well this month? Consider how you could bring this into the new month.

8. What didn’t go as well, or feel as good this month? How could you change things up this month?

9. What training or learning did you undertake this month? (perhaps you listened to a podcast or joined an online challenge) What did you learn that was valuable to you and your growth? How did the knowledge impact your mindset or your approach to your work?

10. How did you manage your boundaries – work / life this past month? What do you need to work on with this?

New Month Prompts:

1. What are your top three goals for this month, and why are they important to you?

2. How are you going to achieve those goals this month? List the steps you need to take to make it happen.

3. Write about a new habit you want to introduce this month and how you plan to make it stick.

4. What self-care practices will you prioritise this month to nurture your well-being & keep a good work / life balance?

5. Describe a project you want to start or make progress on this month.

6. Describe a fear or limiting belief you want to overcome this month. How will you challenge it?

7. What inspires you & what would you like to do more of this month?

8. What are your intentions for the month ahead? How do you want to feel or show up?

9. What do you need to prioritise in your business this month?

10. What challenges might you face this month & how will you navigate them?

Final Thoughts

Monthly planning is key to success and achieving goals with more ease and confidence.

Monthly journal prompts can help you focus on your bigger goals whilst also bringing awareness to things that may need tweaking or recognising and celebrating your achievements.

Reflecting and reviewing your progress each month using monthly journal prompts like those below, is a great way to remain clear and focused on your goals.

The monthly journal prompts that you use can include personal as well as professional reflections, helping you to stay on track as well as ensure that you are taking care of you.

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